We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our herb grinders with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against all manufacturing defects.

This warranty will not cover against any scratches, dents, or improper use. Worn O-Rings, pollen scrapers, glass filters, or carry pouches do not qualify under warranty. Improper use of the product for the purpose of storage other than it’s sole intended use can damage filter screen and would not be covered under warranty. Every Northern Lights Grinder will go through strict quality control procedures piece by piece to ensure a consistent premium product you can rely on. 

Herb Grinder Teeth Lifetime Warranty

The teeth of a Northern Lights grinder are precision engineered in a unique diamond shaped design that will not break or chip under normal use and as expected come with a Lifetime Warranty. This Lifetime Warranty will not cover against wear and tear or improper use of the teeth other than it’s sole intended use.  

VaporLux Warranty

Each VaporLux vaporizer is hand inspected and come with a 90 day limited warranty against all manufacturer defects. This warranty will not cover any scratches or improper use. Worn labels, cracks in battery fob, broken or worn cartridge do not qualify under warranty. Improper use of battery such as not fully charging, over charging or stored in extreme environments do not qualify. Improper use of cartridge such as, overfilling, improper filling, inability to thread properly would not qualify under warranty as well.   

To qualify for warranty, proof of purchase with pictures of damaged product must be provided when contacting us. You may email us at with “Warranty” specified in the subject line. We will then go through our investigative procedures to decide if your claim qualifies or not.