J PAC PreRoll Aluminum Case


J PAC PreRoll Aluminum Case

The J PAC PreRoll Aluminum Case from Northern Lights Grade is the only container you need to keep your preroll secure and fresh. Made of high quality aerospace grade aluminum for durability that will last a lifetime. There are many varieties of so called premium containers that claim to be made of the highest grade materials but, only a Northern Lights Grade PreRoll Container guarantees is craftsmanship. Stop wasting money on plastic tubes, our preroll aluminum case is the last one you will own.




This premium aluminum container is made of high quality aerospace grade aluminum. What does that mean? It means you a get preroll storage container that will last you a lifetime providing incredible protection. Under normal use this container will not bend or crack opposed to plastic tubes that easily get damaged not to mention end up getting thrown out.


Smell Proof and Discreet

What makes this joint container that much better? Its air tight design will lock in the freshness of your preroll as well as the smell of herb. That’s right, its smell proof so no more concern of others mentioning any herb odours. Its light, sleek, discreet and easily fits in your coat or pocket. Take your prerolls with you wherever you go knowing its safe and secure in your new joint case.


Water Proof

Designed with a snug seal and air tight fit so no exterior elements will enter or penetrate even water! Your prerolls or joints will always remain fresh and dry. It’s another reason to experience a preroll aluminum case from Northern Lights Grade.




  •  Made of Aerospace Grade Aluminum for superior protection
  •  Waterproof
  •  Smell Proof
  •  Unlimited reusability
  •  Keeps your preroll fresh
  • Eliminates the use of plastic tubes
  •  One year warranty